life cycle thinking is something you can see

sustain i c o n s 1.0 Everything we do effects some aspect of sustainability, and though we don’t always talk about it, we do think about it. To help you share your ‘life cycle thinking’ with others, I’ve created a set of sustainicons that you can use to visualize and highlight your thoughts and ideas. It’s only a start. The keyboard-based system is shown in the sustain i c o n s 1.0 pdf, and some examples are shown below. If you have ideas for more, please send them along and I’ll add them to the list.

Interested in biodiversity? Add the biodiversity sustainicon to your signature: {+}.

Are you a great recycler? Highlight your practices with a recycling sustainicon: ///>//>/.

Do you use renewable energy sources or have a solar array on your roof? Use the renewable energy  =(+)= , and solar energy sustainicon =(o)=.

Are you a designer that has used sustainability strategies in your work? Have fun with the bio-inspired system, [{^}], zero waste system [0], and design using one material [1] sustainicons.

Concerned about the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in the environment? There’s a sustainicon that visually describes how a chemical (in this case Mercury) moves from a man-made system into the environment: [Hg]>{Hg}.

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